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*  Plus a Setup Fee Equal to the Monthly Subscription Price

** Setup Fee waived for Custom plans with a 6-month commitment.


Non-Plan Members SEO Rates:

Standard  SEO Site Audit with basic SEO Report:  $99

Thorough SEO Examination & Audit with full detailed SEO Report:  $199

Frequently Asked Questions

Which SEO Plan should I choose ?
If you just need to track 1 keyword phrase, the “Pretty Smart” plan is a great place to start. If you want to rank for 2 or 3 keyword phrases the “Genius” plan would be a great choice (this is our most popular SEO Plan). If you have many Keywords you want to rank for and would like to optimize all of your internal pages for keywords and long tail searches choosing the custom “Einstein” plan will give you the best results possible.
Why No Ordinary Joe Plan ?
You may have noticed the “Ordinary Joe” plan level we offer for Website Maintenance and our Web Designs is missing from the SEO Plans. Running even a basic SEO Campaign is anything but “Ordinary”. There is an incredible amount of work involved, setup, fine-tuning, split testing, sorting out the information from Analytics reports, etc.
Do I have to be an Existing Customer of Bright Advice ?
Nope. Although, We would love to be your new Web Design & Website Maintenance Provider.  We have a few clients who keep their existing Website Design & Web Hosting Provider. We just take care of their SEO Campaigns. It’s much easier to manage your campaign if you host with us, but it certainly isn’t necessary.
What is your refund policy on SEO Packages ?
Unfortunately, due to the time intensive labor involved in creating a Search Engine Optimization Campaign, we do not offer refunds on our SEO Campaign Packages. However, we will take every reasonable step possible to make sure you are happy with your SEO Plan and you can cancel at any time. We will even pro-rate any mid-month cancellations.

Our goal is to make you happy as a client and help your Business grow and become even more successful. We view this as a Win-Win Relationship, and hopefully, you will continue to use our Digital Marketing Agency Services in the future.

Can I upgrade SEO Packages after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your SEO plan at any time after signing up. Just Contact Us and let us know which plan you would like to Upgrade or Downgrade to and we will adjust your SEO campaign and pro-rate the billing for the current month.

Any Questions about SEO ?

It’s difficult to cover every possible question regarding Search Engine Optimization Campaigns.  Please Contact Us with any SEO Questions you may have.