How Much Does a Website Design Cost ?

This is the Million Dollar Question (No Pun Intended). It really depends on numerous different factors like Complexity of the Web Design, Quantity & Quality of Graphics, Photos, Video Backgrounds just to name a few. Custom programming, non-standard placement of menu items, Specialty Features like the Current Date & Time, Weather modules, etc. Do you want clients to be able to log in ? Any other special features like appointment schedules, Hotel Reservations, Online Ordering for Restaurants, E-Commerce Solutions with an online cart, Integrations with your local Real Estate MLS System.  There are an infinite number of integrations, modules, and solutions depending on the needs of your specific business.

For the above-listed reasons and many more,  most Web Designers and Web Design Agencies prefer to give clients a “Quote” or a “Web Design Proposal”. Bright Advice performed a random unscientific search of 20 Las Vegas Web Design Agencies and only 23% list prices of any kind on their website !  They don’t even give you a baseline starting cost for their Web Design Services ?  Websites can be very expensive and the costs can vary greatly from one design company to another for the same exact project.  If you see “Major Brands” like Hotel & Restaurant chains, listed as clients on a Web Design site, those clients are most likely paying tens of thousands of dollars for their website. You can certainly get a high-quality Website Design for much less.

Bright Advice believes in Full Transparency with our clients. Our Web Design Pricing table gives you a good starting point of how much Your Website Design will cost based on your specific needs. Once you choose a Website Design Package from the Pricing Table below, we will send you a very detailed Web Design Questionnaire which will better define any additional services, modules, plug-ins, custom coding, and any Custom Design Work you may need to achieve a Great Web Design.  Overwhelmed Yet ? It sounds like a lot of information and details (it is) but Bright Advice will simplify the process and be available to guide you through the process smoothly.

Ready to Get Started on Your New Web Design ?  Choose a Package below to get the process started !

Standard Hourly Website Design Rates:

Web Design (1-week time frame):  $100/hr

Priority Web Design (Same Day if Possible):  $125/hr

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Web Design Package Should I Choose ?
If you are just getting started and on a tight budget the “Ordinary Joe” is a great value. We put a lot of design elements on one page including a Contact Form and links to Social Media accounts.

If Your Business is somewhat more established or you have a slightly bigger Budget for Your New Business Venture, the “Pretty Smart” Web Design Package is a fantastic option for businesses to Establish a Positive Online Brand Image and have several different pages to publish the services you offer or more detailed information about your business. For those wishing to sell products or services online, you should choose the “Genius” Web Design Package as it includes all of the E-Commerce and Payment gateway options you will need to accept orders and collect money from an online shopping cart.

The “Einstein” Package is designed for Startup Companies and Businesses which want to offer all the Bells & Whistles and really differentiate themselves from the competition and set a super solid foundation for maximum success in today’s competitive markets.

What if I Already Have a Web Site Design ?
Well, you must have come to our site for a reason 😉  If you already have a website design or template and need help installing or customizing it please Contact Us for a Custom Quote. We will do everything within reason to work with your current design, but sometimes things are such a mess, it is just easier to start with a clean slate.
What is your Refund Policy on Web Design Packages ?
Unfortunately, due to the time intensive labor involved in creating a stellar website, we do not offer refunds on our Web Design Packages. However, we will take every reasonable step possible to make sure you are happy with your Website Design.

The Website Design Proposal you will receive before the project starts will clearly outline the services we will perform, what is included in your Web Design Package and any additional costs for extra add-ons or programming you desire.  The Web Design Proposal will also outline what our expectations are from you the customer to finish the project in accordance with the timeline for the project completion. For Example, we will often need professional quality pictures of your business, Descriptions of Services You Offer, a Logo if you have one, etc. Any delay in receiving your content may have an effect on the timely completion of your Web Design.

Our goal is to make you happy as a client and give you the Web Design you desire and the tools you need to make your Business thrive, grow and be successful. We view this as a Win-Win Relationship, and hopefully, you will continue to use our Digital Marketing Agency Services in the future.

Can I Upgrade Web Design Packages or add features before Project Completion ?
While it’s always best to have a clear blueprint of the features you want prior to starting the design process we will do everything reasonably possible to add any additional features you desire.

One common thing we do with all of our clients during the Questionnaire process is to ask if you have a “future” interest in a particular feature ?  This will allow us to build your website in a manner where the feature you may want in the future can be easily added if so desired.

Please Contact Us at any time during the project with additional feature requests you may not have thought of prior to the project start.

Any Questions ?

It’s nearly impossible to cover every possible question or concern regarding a Web Design Project. Please Contact Us with all of your Web Design Questions.